Lady Sareta Lhal

Royal Magician


A short, curvy woman with dark skin, Sareta is considered quite beautiful among the Nobility of Cormyr, though her status as a bastard limits how many of them act upon this. She wears gold fairly often (a nod to her House’s alliance with the goddess Tymora), and has a soft, melodious voice.

She is young, only in her late twenties, which is unusual for both such an accomplished wizard and especially to be appointed the Royal Magician.


Recently appointed as Royal Magician, Lady Lhal is the bastard daughter of the last Royal Magician, Ganrahast Aeiulvana.

She is incredibly gifted in the art of magic, is known to have a fiery temper, and tends to disagree quite openly with the courtiers of many High Houses.

She publicly supports the re-emergence of the Temple of Mystra and the alliance with Halruaa.

Lady Sareta Lhal

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