Cormyrian Masquerade

Session One
Set sail for Suzail!

We start our campaign in Arabel. The group was summoned to meet with Ta’rin Skysmith at the docks.

One by one, the party arrives. Once gathered, Ta’rin explains nervously that his aunt Yi’lin Galindril, the ambassador to Cormyr from Halruaa, has heard of an assassination attempt on Queen Raedra Obarskyr. The plot is thought to happen at the annual Dance of Masks held on the first night of Winter (3 weeks). We have been requested to:

  • Thwart the assassination
  • Uncover the truth in SECRET
  • and Keep Queen Raedra alive

Several things were discussed at the table:

  • Tensions are high in Cormyr over Halruaan airship dealings. Rumors of Raedra having troubles with dealing with other rulers
  • The Lords’ Alliance (Sword Coast), led by Athonna, is trying to convince Cormyr to join their ranks. The Cormyr people do not like those from the Sword Coast.
  • People do not like the Queen’s power and her trade with the Thayans
  • The Church of Tempess is unhappy with the rising power of the Church of Mistra

No invitations are available to give to the dance, we will need to acquire entry on our own.

While in Arabel, the party goes in search of Lady Tatiannah Truesilver at the Silver Tit Tavern. She ismore than happy to give up her invitation to the ball, but tells us to ask her sister Millicent in Suzail. We also meet her assistant Stumpy.

The party moves on to Suzail, a days’ travel. While at Suzail, the party splits to gather information.

El’luithon and Kia go to visit Millicent at House Truesilver. While there, Millicent is having a meeting with Lords of minor houses, an unusual meeting. Millicent refuses to give Tatiannah’s ticket to El’luithon and states that the ticket has already been given away. While leaving the hall, El’luithon notices that a magically obscured wizard is spying at the entire conversations with Millicent. Kia recognizes this person as a Red Wizard of Thay and immediately attacks at her. She halts everyone in their tracks and dimensionally portals out of the castle.

Semari, Archer, and Vixanne go to the tavern to gather clues:

  • Rumor has it that Raedra is having an affair with Ta’rin’s aunt, the ambassador.
  • Rumor has it that the Lord’s Alliance will take Cormyr by force if they have to.
  • Mysterious deaths of people from strange races and with strange markings are occurring
  • Thayan ambassador has been seen in the City but not recognized by Raedra.
  • Mystra’s acolytes have been seen beaten by acolytes of Tempess

In following the lead to the mysterious deaths, the party goes to the cemetery just outside the city. There they meet the Kelevorites, a order that Kia is familar with. Eventually, they meet Jakeem, a aged monk who eventually leads us down to see the bodies that have been killed mysteriously with mysterious markings. As the party gets there, they discover the bodies have disappeared. After many long moments of investigation, the party finds a secret passage in the room where the bodies were. The door is sealed with death/shadow/netherese magic. Jakeem helps to open the door, and the party is ready to investigate what lies ahead.


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