Yi'lin Galindril

Halruaan Ambassador


Yi’lin is quite tall and very slender, her bone structure and face exuding the famed ethereal beauty of the Eladrin race. Her skin is a dark, almost purple-tinted shade of brown, and she has pupil-less eyes that seem a misty violet color.

She is elegant and reserved, always dressed in the finest of clothing. Her long hair is pulled back into a collection of braids, each beaded with glimmering gems and metals.


Yi’lin Galindril was originally part of the first Halruaan contingent to approach Cormyr about an alliance. It is said she was the individual who convinced Queen Raedra to accept.

During the war, she was instrumental in assisting the proper deployment and use of the new skyship fleet, her success being one of the main reasons she was placed as permanent attache to Cormyr afterwords.

Yi'lin Galindril

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