Lady Milicent Truesilver


Milicent is a plain human woman with dark reddish hair and brown eyes. She is tall and slender, lacking the perfect curves and striking beauty of her younger sister. She tends to wear an inordinate amount of makeup, trying to compensate for her lack of beauty. She often wears her hair pulled back, though why is a mystery to anyone who knows her, because it makes her look more unattractive.

She dresses in the most fashionable clothing at all times, bedecked with jewels and cloth until she is nearly drowning in them. She is known as one of the most well informed of all courtiers, and is often seen in Queen Raedra’s own personal entourage.

Her voice is high pitched and sharp, and she is known to have a vicious temper.


Eldest daughter of House Truesilver.

Lady Milicent Truesilver

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